Your generosity towards our sister parish in Railaco over the years has been amazing.

And now, after a special St Ignatius Feast Day weekend, that so many of you attended and gave so generously, we can share news of an even more remarkable achievement.

We have passed $1 MILLION in donations for Railaco

You, the parishioners of St Canices have done it!

Many thanks.


Both Fr Martin Bong SJ and Fr Hyoe Murayama SJ from Railaco Jesuit Mission write to thank us.

Fr Bong says:

St Canice community, thank you! You have made us millionaires! We are your poor sister community that by God’s grace made rich!

Our relationship goes back to 2004 when you found us at our rock bottom and you lifted us by feeding our hungry, providing service for our sick, & providing education to our youth!

 Thank you & God bless you for following Him in the mission!!!


Fr Bong (waving from the doorway) out on the mobile medical clinic with patients lining-up for consultations


Fr Hyoe writes:


Dear St Canice Parish Community and Fr Sacha SJ,
Peace of Christ. 
Greetings from NOSSEF Railaco. We’re surprised and thankful to hear that St Canice’s has passed the A$1 million mark in contributions to her sister parish Railaco.
It is “a cup of cold water for the little ones” (Mt 10:42), “two small coins of the poor widow”(Lk 21:2), repeated hundreds of thousands times, with prayer and hope.
You have become the voice of the voiceless, light of hope for the people in darkness. With the simple but repeated act of giving, you have given us signs of great hope that God will never abandon his people in misery but continues to bless them.
Mr Michael Musgrave said, “Railaco is not just about asking for money, for raising funds. Railaco is a reality.” I thank God that you have seen this reality with the eyes of mercy and hope. Reality is sometimes sad and discouraging, but your eyes have been making a difference to this reality by concrete actions. Responding to your generosity, we hope to form and educate more young people to be men and women for others.
Again, we thank you and thank God through you. May God bless you. Pray for us.


Fr Hyoe Murayama SJ, Director of parochial NOSSEF Catholic Secondary School of Railaco 


We invite you to learn more about the activities of the mission.

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