JRS offers refugees and people seeking asylum dignity and hope through emergency assistance, temporary shelter, a foodbank, professional casework, community activities, employment support, school engagement, legal advice, targeted advocacy, and projects to empower women seeking asylum.

We have a strong alliance with parishes, communities and schools across Australia, religious orders, local and state governments, refugee organisations, campaigns and coalitions, and other organisations in the community in the not for profit and education sectors. We have a presence on advisory forums in the Asia-Pacific region, and at the global level, participating in international campaigns and coalitions and contributing to UN forums.

We are deeply concerned with advocacy and human rights work. We participate in national, regional and international advocacy efforts on refugee and asylum issues, collaborating with organisations and networks. Our work is based in and informed by the voices of refugees and people seeking asylum. Working alongside them as they strive for hope and dignity, we learn about the issues that most affect their lives.

Our website: www.jrs.org.au

Contact: Phone (02) 9356 3888

Email: info@jrs.org.au