This is the incredible Maria from @successarenasyd – alongside our team Maria has brought to life the Community Support Program, an individualised care program which uses life coaching, counselling and support services to assist participants reach significant life milestones.


Maria created ‘Success Arena’ because she believes that everyone deserves to live the best possible version of their life.


For some this may be paid employment, for others housing. The program is flexible and bespoke, it invites participants to unpack the challenges in their lives and then helps them discover the pathways forward.

Running for 4 months, the program has already placed two participants in paid full time employment, assisted another into permanent social housing and a fourth back home to Taiwan connecting with his family after three and a half years of sleeping rough in Sydney.

Through a combination of group training, personal mentorship and daily check-ins, participants feel supported, seen and cared for and the results have been truly impactful.