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The colourful header on our webpage

The striking header on our web page is one of many paintings that were done on sheets of newspaper, prior to making the multi-coloured kneeler covers in our church. Using colour and newspaper was a way for Rosemary Whitehead and her homeless friends to depict the little boat that we see being tossed in the

Special Sung Mass – for Feast of Christ the King

On November 24th, As the church’s liturgical year draws to a close, we invite you to come along to a special sung mass to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. Our cantor for many years, Pascal, will honour all of us by organising the music to make this Feast day Mass one that we

Pope Francis – First 100 Days

June 21, 2013. ( Usually, when someone begins a new job, the first 100 days in office are a time of transition. A time to define one's personality and work style. In the case of Pope Francis, the world didn't have to wait too long to get to know his style. In just a few

Invitation to our Railaco Community Fundraiser 21 June

    This video informs the generous donors from St Canice's how their contributions are being used in the Missions. Perhaps, even more importantly, it explains to our newer parishioners about our 'Sister Parish' relationship with Railaco.   Click arrow to start Video.   After viewing the video, you may feel inclined to send a

Letter from Sister Rita in our sister parish in Railaco East Timor

  It's always of interest to us here in St Canice's to read of what's happening in our sister parish in Railaco, East Timor. We support the activities of the Mobile Medical Clinic and have been responsible for the Secondary School education of so many young Timorese, who have continued to tertiary education, and passed!