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Cec Hunt (1)

Born: Washington D.C., USA. Italian Catholic father—Early Virginian ( Irish, Eng., Scots) Baptist mother—2 siblings. Parents divorced early 50’s. With Jewish stepfather moved to NY State—2 new siblings. Dad never remarried because he believed in the Sacrament. I learned tolerance, love, faith, hard work, passion, care, heart- break from my beautiful dysfunctional family. I formally joined the Church in the 1980s sponsored by my 2 eldest children during a family retreat ( Equipes de Notre Dame…with our MSC chaplains) on a South Coast beach. A powerful occasion.

Lives: In Paddington with husband Tony. We have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.
When Tony retired from the RAN in 1995 Sydney became “home” to the nomadic Hunts.

Snapshot of daily life: Retired from paid work. Involved with several charities, attend gym class 3 times week, play bridge, visit nursing home friends, organise Navy Wives functions, travel (mainly to US each year and to visit grandchildren in Canberra and country NSW), am attempting to write a childrens’ book, trying to work on my prayer life and meditation…I enjoy my amazing family and truly appreciate that the Hunts are blessed beyond measure.

Part of Canices since: 1993 Our last naval residence was in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney and St Canice was our “local”.

Where will we find you in the Parish? I’m a “backbencher”…not a leader…a quiet doer but vocal and passionate about my faith. I enjoy meditation group and discussion groups . 10:30 Mass usually. Am involved in the Parish renewal. Enjoyed an incredible experience of preparing 2 beautiful school- age children for Baptism last year – very powerful.

What keeps you coming to St Canices? At this special place we humbly attempt to live the Scripture. The Spirit is HERE…The fellowship of the wonderful parishioners—the beautiful “regulars” including those on the steps and streets, those in the kitchen, the refugees and visitors… I am strengthened and enriched by all. It is not random we are placed here–at this time. We journey together “to become what we are”—to grow as God’s children– we are all related by God’s creation….And the joy of the Eucharist is overwhelming—we are all needy and are nourished by the Blood and Body—we witness to each other. Very powerful. Amazing music and singing heightens our worship. The participation of parishioners in the Liturgy, the cleaning, committees; thought-provoking homilies/ sermons and great care from our Jesuit Community; wonderful ceremonies: vigil Masses, carrying the Cross thru the “Cross” on Good Friday (powerful); happy social events and rooftop or kitchen get-togethers—all are part of this special place. And I know miracles happen here.

Cecile Hunt