Fr Steve writes in Eureka Street . . . “Elizabeth told me Sue had died. She had been dead in her Ashfield flat for 18 days before she was found. The heater was on. I don’t want to think about how she was when she was found. I don’t know how she died. There is talk of ice.

Sue had been just below the surface of my consciousness for weeks, just this unease. She had rung and asked me to ring her. She didn’t think to give me her number. Street people change their mobile numbers all the time and the one I had had the familiar: ‘Optus advises that the number you have rung has been disconnected.’ I rang Elma at the Wayside and they hadn’t seen her or knew her number. I thought of going to her flat . . . ”

Click here to read the story penned by Fr Steve Sinn SJ on the life of the late Sue Bloomfield.