Lourdes Jacobs

Name: Lourdes Jacobs

Born: Goa, State of India on 23/09/1926 (according to passport) and was two weeks old when the family moved to New Delhi. She was raised by step parents and had a step sister ‘Toots’. She was a helper at home and looked after sick family members and the children.

When the parents passed away Lourdes was sent to live with Mother Theresa. There she looked after the street children and has very fond memories of that special time. A priest later found a position for Lourdes as a live-in nanny/housekeeper for an Australian couple working in India. This couple and family loved her and brought Lourdes to Australia in the 1970’s; Lourdes is still fond of her ‘Aussie children’.

Lourdes met up with an Indian/English friend Cliff who had two sons living in England. She and Cliff married. Lourdes still communicates with his son in England though Cliff and one son have passed. Lourdes never lost her love of children and minded many over the years.

Lourdes was also talented as a seamstress, pottery maker, leather worker and cook. She loved entertaining people at home…and is renowned for her famous lemon pickles and vegetable chutney. Her love and passion ‘for the markets’ to buy and sell goods is still strong.

She is a meticulous ‘fashionista’, is always stylish, colour coordinated and stunning, consistently outshines many of us. She is also a lover of Church traditions. She never misses ‘Walking through the Cross…following the Cross every Good Friday’ …dressed impeccably in smart shoes with at least 3cm heels and stockings pushing her walker frame (which in the past carried small children who found the walk too difficult).

Lourdes is now resident at Elizabeth Lodge . . . she is very popular there…and remains (I believe) the terror of King’s Cross!

Lourdes is always smiling though has much pain. She is a small beautiful woman with huge faith and unwavering love of God. She is devout, honest, fun, humble, loving, sometimes mischievous and cares for all. She loves the Eucharist and Mass. She is a friend to everyone and an exceptional member of the St. Canice Family. We all love her and are greatly enriched and blessed to journey with her.

‘History’ from her carer/advocate Geoff Sharpe
14th December 2018

Lourdes and her family