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Connect a face to a name. We invite you to get to understand the diversity and richness in knowing fellow parishioners at St Canice’s.

The testimony of parishioners provides a wonderful witness to  what it means to be a member of the St Canice community. Pope Paul VI’s wonderful insight in Evangeli Nuntiandi reinforces this . . .“Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers . . .” (EV 41).

Various parish gatherings bring many of us together providing a forum not simply to discuss ideas, but just as importantly to get to know each other better. This better equips us also to be a welcoming community of people ready to take on the responsibilities of ‘mission’; do our own little bit to attract new people, to rekindle their faith, and to participate in various Parish activities.

Who are we? Over time, we will build up a rich mosaic of ‘our people’ to share on this page.

Bronwyn Clulow

I am involved in many Ministries here and love every moment. I have made wonderful friendships and my self-confidence has grown 100 percent. It is so important to belong to a community and I have found mine here.

Cecile Hunt

I like the thought-provoking homilies/ sermons and great care from our Jesuit Community; carrying the Cross thru the “Cross” on Good Friday (powerful); happy social events and rooftop or kitchen get-togethers---all are part of this special place. And I know miracles happen here.

Fr Chris Jenkins SJ

It’s a privilege to be here in St Canice with its inner-city attractions and challenges so different from my last parish, Sevenhill, centred as it was in a vineyard in the beautiful Clare Valley of South Australia.

Fran Jauncey

My mother was involved in just about everything in my hometown in country NSW, and I guess I’m following in her footsteps. We never have a dull day or moment in the Parish office, so just love coming back. St Canice’s is so much bigger than Cooma, but the community here is still very warm and welcoming.

Gaetan Pereira SJ

I was ordained a priest at Loyola College, Madras, South India in 1982. With the late General Father Pedro Arrupe SJ’s invitation for the "option for the poor", I did work in remote educational institutions of the province, especially in St. John de Britto School and Shrine, Oriyur, South India for quite some time.

George Szabo visits Railaco

I was very grateful to visit East Timor and have the chance to stay in our sister parish in Railaco. Highlights included: feeding the children; visiting the villages; and visiting the prison with Fr Bong when he said Mass for the prisoners.

Lourdes Jacobs

When Lourdes' parents passed away in Goa, she was sent to live with Mother Theresa. There she looked after the street children and has very fond memories of that special time. Now, Lourdes is devout, honest, fun, humble, loving, sometimes mischievous and cares for all. She loves the Eucharist and Mass. She is a friend to everyone and an exceptional member of the St. Canice Family.

Margaret Spencer

For me St Canice's is a parish where differences exist but tolerance and dialogue retained helped I believe by a critical mass of parishioners/ stalwarts who are wise enough (and good/wickedly humoured enough) not to sweat the small stuff but who hang because of what matters.

Michael Musgrave

I embrace the opportunity to live my faith guided by Ignatian principles; the great sense of welcome and friendship that I feel from others in the St Canice community; and a feeling that I am part of a parish that truly ‘lives the teachings of the gospels’.

Let’s hear from you.

‘The community comes to full knowledge and faith when individuals and groups bring together and share their previously separate stories.’ 
(The Hospitality of God, p. 190)

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