Can I have a minute of your time!

As you know, I get great fulfilment from being involved in a Jesuit Mission in Railaco, East Timor . . . . the comfort of being good neighbours to each other.

Even after recent Independence, people still struggle to make a living and feed their children.

Thanks to generosity of the St Canice community, the people of Railaco are already seeing opportunities for a much brighter future because of this Jesuit project.

The children’s feeding program, mobile medical clinic and secondary school are well established.

Education is so important! Amazingly, more than 300 students from poor, rural backgrounds attend our secondary school.

With a quality Jesuit education and values. . . these young people can be national leaders of tomorrow.

I would love you to join me in supporting this endeavour.

PLEASE COME to our special St Ignatius Day Mass at St Canice’s – 10 am on 30th July, and donate. As St Ignatius always stressed to his followers: This is not just about money. We’re inviting you to be part of our Railaco family, connected in mutual friendship and mission.


Please Donate: