Railaco – Our Sister Parish in East Timor

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While the wider Jesuit community in East Timor is ‘nation-building’, we at St Canice’s have been making what is seen by the people in Railaco as a monumental commitment to their welfare, healthcare, nutrition, and educational needs of their children since 2004.

We would like you, our St Canice’s Community, to better understand the activities in Railaco that are supported by your generosity. Through your largesse we can continue to fund a feeding program for babies and young children, a mobile medical clinic that visits remote communities, and eleven specially-trained teachers at the secondary school.

The annual funding for these programs is approximately $70,000.  In the fifteen years since inception of the special relationship, the St Canice community has raised in excess of $800,000.

St Canice’s has made the sure foundation with Railaco Jesuit Mission

Upon withdrawal of the Indonesian Occupation Forces at the turn of this century, the East Timorese people were left without any government, teachers, doctors, civil servants, and any form of enterprise. Not only scorched earth, but the East Timorese people were left with virtually nothing.

In creating a sister parish relationship with the Railaco Jesuit Mission in 2004, St Canice’s joined the East Timorese people on their long road to building better lives by creating opportunities and bringing hope. This was done through supporting a Children’s Feeding Program, a Mobile Medical Clinic, and a Secondary School.

In effect, in 2004, we planted an acorn and continued nurturing it through to the present day. Now, we can see a beautiful oak, with many branches – branches supporting more developments that will improve the lives of the families of Railaco and give them hope for a brighter future. New donors are stepping-up to fund these additional developments.

The humanitarian works of the Railaco Jesuit Mission continue. St Canice’s remains committed to supporting the daily ‘bread and butter’ requirements of the Mission; ensuring that children receive a nutritious meal, families see a doctor, and students receive the best secondary education. At the same time, other donors are funding new growth opportunities.

St Canice’s has laid this sure foundation. And we thank you all for your ongoing support.

September 2023

Railaco Update

Catholics value taking care of each other as one family. Our values instruct us to put the needs of others before our own. Like the good Samaritan, who interrupted his journey to help a stranger, we reach beyond our own “domestic church” here in Kings Cross to join with our near neighbours of the Railaco Jesuit community in East Timor. And by doing so, we acknowledge that the Gospel of Jesus is truly a social gospel

August 2023

July 2023

Raphael speaks of Railaco

Much of our time was spent with the children at NOSSEF - the school in Railaco. The separate boys’ and girls’ dormitories for boarders at NOSSEF are life-changing. Without them, many students would have to travel upward of three hours each day to get to and from school. It was a delight to teach the students in Railaco as they were all eager to learn and to loved hearing our stories about Australia. (I am sure our teachers at Riverview wished we were always so attentive in class).

Railaco family

Can I have a minute of your time! As you know, I get great fulfilment from being involved in a Jesuit Mission in Railaco, East Timor . . . . the comfort of being good neighbours to each other. Even after recent Independence, people still struggle to make a living and feed their children. Thanks to generosity of the St Canice community, the people of Railaco are already seeing opportunities for a much brighter future