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Name: Rob Caslick
Born: 27 March 1977
Lives: Bellevue Hill
Snapshot of daily life:
I start most mornings at 5am. I’m working on a big project for St Canice’s that I hope to share with you all soon. I’m super excited about it and need to work on it each morning before setting off to earn my keep in Pyrmont.
My day job is an engineer in the property game. I spend most my daily life in construction meetings with architects and project managers promising things before heading off to the next meeting to promise more things.
Part of Canices since: I started at St Canices about 5 years ago. 2 mates and I put on a bbq outside the hall every Thursday night. We called ourselves 3Boys and a BBQ. Not very creative but, our USP was that we didn’t do sausages.
We became a bit of a hit and started to get a lot of people show up. We noticed that a lot of the patrons were either on some pretty heavy meds or using heavy drugs. So we stepped up a notch and founded Australia’s first organic soup kitchen. We called it “Inside Out” . Our mission is to serve wholesome organic food to those who need it most – healing people from the inside out. We have the Wednesday night gig in the kitchen. You can see our handy work on the facebook page “inside out organic soup kitchen”
What keeps you coming to St Canices?:
In honesty I had stopped going to church a while ago because I felt a disconnect between what is spoken inside the church and what happens outside the church. St Canice’s has this amazing opportunity to really walk the talk. I find this truly inspiring and in line with who I want to be.