As we march through the coming weeks with the revelations of the findings of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse in the Church, this article by John Menadue can be very useful.

Catholic Archbishops to front Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
Posted on 06/02/2017 by John Menadue
This week the Catholic archbishops of Australia will be called to give evidence at the full panel of Royal Commission in Sydney.

I should like to begin these difficult words on the Royal Commission with an adaptation of Carlo Caretto’s, Ode to the Church; an adaptation shaped by the story of Lazarus who, after several days in a dark, smelly tomb was raised back to life by his beloved friend, Jesus.

How much I must criticise you, my Church, and yet how much I owe you. The stench of abuse and death cling to my clothes. You have made me suffer more than anyone and yet I love you like no other.

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