Fr Dave Braithwaite SJ

I am delighted to have been appointed Parish Priest of St Canice’s. The parish holds a very special place in my heart not least because it is such a quintessentially Jesuit parish, with a wonderfully urban blend of worship and service to people from all walks of life. As best I can, I intend to build on that very special foundation laid by so many good and faithful people over the decades.

Our first mission is to pray together, and only from that flows the good works we do – of which there are so many. We are a small community “powered” by a Eucharistic heart – the Sacred Heart of Jesus – all loving, all compassionate, and all-embracing.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing some of my ideas for ways in which we can continue to grow and deepen our shared life in that Heart of Jesus. Please be sure to approach me to discuss any ideas you have over a coffee. In the meantime, I’m soaking up the end of Fall in Boston and preparing to launch into work on my re- turn.

I am also deeply grateful to Fr Sacha for stepping into the breach in my absence. We all wish him well for his next chapter at St. Mary’s, North Sydney.

God bless,
Fr David Braithwaite, SJ



Fr Sacha will be finishing his short stint as Parish administrator of St Canice’s this coming weekend. He will then accompany a group of young university students doing the Camino (pilgrimage) in Spain and Portugal, before moving to his new assignment as one of the Assistant Parish Priests at Our Lady of the Way, North Sydney Jesuit Parish. We thank Fr Sacha for looking after the Parish these past few months and wish him the best in his new appointment. Our new Parish Priest, Fr David Braithwaite, will be back from Boston at the end of November, to take up his new role. In the meantime, Fr Dave Ryan will be holding the fort!