The Bridge Community Bathurst

Dear friends,

Sharing with you the latest newsletter from The Bridge Community in Bathurst.

With our best wishes for peace and joy at Christmas time,

Steve Sinn SJ & Anna Thompaon




2 thoughts on “The Bridge Community Bathurst

  1. Hello Father Steve ! Hearing from me i imagine has been a great shock. i often find myself reminising about the old days when Cathy, Tracey ,Vera ,Lisa , Tisha where all living at the church. you’d wake me every morning with the same smile never anger. give us coffee and sandwiches even though in an hours time food would be sererd from the kitchen. well i mays aswell get straighttot the punch. you always promised me that if i found that one special person you would happily marry us even before the yes laws passed, i dont look at my partner and think i could spend the rest of my life with her , i look at her and think i cant possibly spend a day in my life without her. you know about my childhood after all i gave that many speeches to help others, to stop them making the same mistaqkes i did. i have no living relatives i woukld cinsider to give me awaty apart from you. Im not looking at any big fancy wedding after all there would be no more than 40 people there. nothing would make me perouder than to gfive my woman a nice wedding as every woman wants that special day. i am hoping that it can be done over the n ext 12-14 weeks. this would mean so much to me. Wayside offer but i truly believe both myself and partner deserves better than that. . i just lost the phone so i will leave you waysides number to contac t me ok. thank you so much

    • Katie, This is Michael from St Canice’s. I have just returned and checked the mail on this webpage. I have sent your message on to Fr Steve who now lives in Bathurst. I wish you well. Michael

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