St. Canice’s was built in 1888.  The architect was John Bede Barlow.  Other churches of Barlow include those in Marrickville, Paddington and Rose Bay.

St. Canice was an early Irish monk and it is likely that the name was chosen by Cardinal Moran, the first Irish Archbishop of Sydney.

At the beginning it served as a chapel of ease for the parish of Darlinghurst.  Later it was serviced from St. Mary’s Cathedral.  In 1940 a presbytery was built and resident priests were provided for the church.

Even then it did not become the centre of an ordinary parish, being controlled by an administrator until very recent times.  The Jesuit Fathers arrived in the parish in 1988.

A project to document the history of the Parish as it has been experienced by parishioners, especially the long-term parishioners is planned.  This includes the establishing of an historical archive.