Liturgical Ministries



Those who come to the church for the first time often feel shy and hesitant and don’t know anyone. The greeters are the first people they meet. Greeters hand out the bulletin and hymn books, they organize for people to take up the two collections and two people to bring up the gifts. It has been a tradition in the parish to ask newcomers to bring up the gifts.

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Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist with the distribution of the Eucharist at Parish masses and take Communion to the sick. The Parish visits St.Luke’s, Lulworth House and Elizabeth Bay Lodge as well as individual parishioners. New ministers are welcome and will be assisted with a short introductory course.

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This ministry of the Word is essential to our Sunday worship. A reader is rostered for the three Sunday Eucharists and every reader is called to read about once a month. A good clear voice for proclaiming the Word and a sense of appreciation for and identification with the biblical text is essential.

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Altar Servers

The Altar Servers assist the Priest in the practical requirements for celebrating the Eucharist. They also assist in the distribution of Holy Communion.

New Altar Servers are welcome and there is also a short training programme.


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Prayers of Intercession

The Prayers of Intercession are read out at the weekend masses. Every week they are drawn up with an eye on the week’s events and the readings. The group meets after the 7.00am Friday mass in the presbytery.  The ability to type would be helpful, but not necessary.

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The Parish has a strong tradition of congregational singing at the 10.30am Eucharist. A Cantor and organist lead the music. 6.00pm vigil mass is led by a choir.  Musicians and vocalist are welcome. A choir regroups for special feasts and seasons. New members are always welcome.

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We are very fortunate at St Canice’s to have such a beautiful and uplifting Musical Liturgy. We are blessed with talented musicians and singers each week at the 10.30 am Mass. This 3-minute video of John Foley SJ’s ‘Come to the Water” from our Easter Vigil Service is sung by our Cantor Pascal with the accompaniment of guest Organist, Jason.


On this Gaudete Sunday, Parishioners and guests of St Canice’s in Elizabeth Bay Sydney gathered to give thanks for the year and our Parish Renewal Process with a special celebration Advent Mass.

Thanks to Pascal, Christine, Amy, Alex and Anna for a beautiful Mass.

Ceremonial Music:
Kyrie – Coronation Mass K317 – Mozart
Sanctus – Theresienmesse – Haydn
Benedictus – Requiem K626 – Mozart
Agnus Dei – Mass in C D452 — Schubert