‘Conversation’ with American Jesuit, Fr Marc Reeves SJ


Fr Marc has been spending time in Australia with nine other Jesuits from all over the world taking part in what the Jesuits call a “tertianship”. This “tertianship” for a Jesuit is a time of spiritual renewal and an opportunity to return to the school of the heart where he can set aside more time for prayer, make the 30-day Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, study the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus, and reflect on his mission as a companion of Jesus.

After eleven years of Jesuit formation, then ordination to the priesthood, doctoral studies, and most recently eight years of ministry at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Fr. Marc is very grateful for this time for spiritual renewal and for the opportunity to spend time in faith communities like St. Canice’s. Fr. Marc will be with us at St. Canice’s until July 7th.

Living here with us in the middle of Kings Cross for a month lets Marc become acquainted with our various ministries. But perhaps as interesting that is for him, we also have an opportunity to speak with him and draw from his experience in American parishes as to how we might go about building and enriching our own faith community here at St Canice’s.

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Fr Marc celebrates Sunday Mass

Fr Marc celebrates Sunday Mass

Michele from the parish office joins Fr Marc and Michael for morning tea after Mass

Michele from the parish office joins Fr Marc and Michael for morning tea after Mass

Conversation with Michael Musgrave, Sydney, 29th June 2018Conversation with Fr Marc Reeves SJ 29 Jun 2018

Six months ago, we had a ‘conversation’ with another ‘tertian’, Fr Bart Beckers SJ from the Netherlands, who spent time with us here in St Canice’s. Some of his observations are not too dissimilar from those of Fr Marc. CLICK HERE TO READ ‘CONVERSATION’ WITH FR BART

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