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St Canice’s Dreaming

Your thoughts and hopes are what we will use to inform the next Parish planning cycle at St Canice's, St Canice's Kitchen, and to contribute to the Plenary Council Conversations that are calling us to consider "What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?"

Your Invitation to visit Railaco

Now, here's an opportunity for you (and others) to immerse yourselves in mission life. Discover what daily life is really like up there for the gentle people we serve in the hills outside Dili, in neighbouring East Timor.   Simply put, your very presence will be seen as such a gift by the local people. And, hopefully, you'll come away feeling inspired to get involved personally, even in some small way.

Authentic Christianity embraces the new

The Church scene mirrors the political scene, as it always does. The most pastoral pope in centuries is vilified by his own. A powerful hierarchy, firmly set on its three foundations of dogmatism, moralism and clericalism, wants no erosion of its power. It sticks to its guns. For them any adjustment of the rules is the start of a slippery slope. Meanwhile, Pope Francis sees . . . .

From Classical Christianity to Quantum Christianity

Alas, what has emerged is a classical Christianity in which the liberating truth of this God–is-Love reality has been supplanted by dogma and moralism, by institution and clericalism, by power and pomp: a church preoccupied with the outside of the cup (the macroscopic), rather than the inside of the cup (the quantum). Thus, the signposts pointing to Christ have become our idols: we have worshipped and bowed down before the well instead of drinking its water.

Lourdes Jacobs

When Lourdes' parents passed away in Goa, she was sent to live with Mother Theresa. There she looked after the street children and has very fond memories of that special time. Now, Lourdes is devout, honest, fun, humble, loving, sometimes mischievous and cares for all. She loves the Eucharist and Mass. She is a friend to everyone and an exceptional member of the St. Canice Family.

Christmas Mass Times

We look forward to welcoming you to share the Joy of Christmas with us at one of the four Celebrations on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Refreshments will be served after the 10 pm Mass on Christmas Eve, and after the 10.30 am Mass on Christmas Day.

Fran Jauncey

My mother was involved in just about everything in my hometown in country NSW, and I guess I’m following in her footsteps. We never have a dull day or moment in the Parish office, so just love coming back. St Canice’s is so much bigger than Cooma, but the community here is still very warm and welcoming.