Confirmation – A call to Holiness


Today at the 10.30am Mass we welcome Gabrielle Austin, Ornella Fox, Matthew Frost, Isabella Grozos, Georgia Grozos, Henry Kidd, Siara Ortolani and Christian Robbins and their families, are to be confirmed by Bishop Terry Brady, whom we welcome to StCanice’s once again.

Confirmation emphasises an individual’s commitment to Jesus; the Holy Spirit inspiresthe candidates to become witnesses to their faith.

Who is this Spirit whose gifts we celebrate? The Holy Spirit is simply God, present and active everywhere, pervading our life. This basic but profound reality bears repeatingtoday because so many do not experience God’s nearness but think of God as quitedistant.

Through the Spirit, we believe, the risen Christ is present in every moment, past and present, in and out of religious settings, pervasive as the air we breathe, as the sun or the rain that comes down on us, as the wind that blows around us, as the life that flows through our veins. This is the God we are talking about when we speak of the Spirit.

May this be the Spirit who accompanies and encourages these children as they continue their journey.

We thank Helen Campbell and Sr Anne Taylor rsc who have prepared the candidates.

Fr Chris


BULLETIN 11 Nov 2018