Preventing Exploitation of the Environoment he International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict calls to mind Pope Francis. The day itself is an initiative of the United Nations. But like Pope Francis when he speaks of threats to human life, to peace or to our environment, the day speaks strongly and makes connections that we may have missed. The naming of this day brings together war and the environment, two things that may seem to be unconnected. The Pope, too, would have gone on to link these different scourges to inequality, which feeds wars and junks the environment.

Bulletin 1st November

The Communion of Saints - At the beginning of November in the Catholic Calendar there is a flurry of heavenly feasts. All Saints Day, which celebrates those who are in paradise, is followed immediately by All Souls Day, with its focus on the dead who still need our prayers. The feasts themselves go back to early medieval Catholicism. They became a source of division at the time of the Reformation when the preoccupation with releasing souls from purgatory was seen by the Reformers as manipulative, mercenary and lacking in a proper trust in God’s mercy.


Love: what’s the big deal? Your friend has just fallen in love. The couple talk for hours, but when you try to get details of who this other person is, it’s frustrating because your friend hasn’t got much factual information at all! Some people think that the opposite of love is hate. I don’t think so! You have to care about someone to hate them. Not having noticed they exist despite their being always around might be the opposite of love. Or is it when you know all their details, but have not taken the slightest interest in them?—they’re just a cipher, or a customer, or a client.