A Letter from Caroline Coggins,
Chair, Parish Pastoral Council

Caroline Coggins

I hope this newsletter gives you some insight into what has been happening in our parish.
Even then there is much, much more than I know about, much that is simple and simply done by our parishioners and the good people who come to serve here.

We are a small parish. We don’t have big numbers at our masses. Some worry about this: how can we attract more; draw the lapsed back; invite the young; be interesting for those who are looking; and perhaps even provide housing for the homeless. There is always more that can be done, but I have always felt that our great gift as a parish is that we accompany. In week three of the spiritual exercises, we are asked to simply accompany Jesus on his journey to Calvary. It is not about us and what we feel or need, but simply to walk with Him.

Many, many people quite gently and naturally offer hospitality here. There is no fuss, but always the tea is served after the 10.30 Mass, the church is cleaned, the gardens tended, the office door is open, the phone answered and a human heart is ready there to listen. People come to hear our speakers, touched that there is debate offered here. We are an open place; we offer masses where all are welcome. We are just an ordinary simple place, small but the heart centre for many.

At the end of the year let us give thanks: for our community; our priests that love and serve us; each other for being here;
for being a place to come to; a place of refuge; and place where our deepest needs can be met.

Carolyn Coggins