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Bulletin Feast of Christ the King


The Kingdom of God is….

A space. It exists in every home where parents and children show love for each other. It exists in every region and country that cares for its weak and vulnerable. It exists in every parish that reaches out to the needy.

The Kingdom of God is a time. It happens whenever someone feeds a hungry person, extends hospitality or cares for the neglected. It happens when injustice is challenged or violence averted, or the truth spoken – when people struggle to overcome poverty, erase ignorance, pass on the faith.

The Kingdom of God is in the past (in the life and witness of Jesus of Nazareth; it is in the present in the work of the Church and the Spirit-filled to create a world of compassion right relationships); it is in the future (reaching its completion in the age to come).

The Kingdom of God is a condition. It’s symptoms are love, justice and peace.Jesus Christ is King.

“Jesus enters human history as God’s anointed son who announces thenearness of the reign of God. This proclamation summons us to acknowledge God as creator and covenant
partner and challenges us to
seek ways in which revelation
of the dignity and destiny of all
creation might become
incarnate in history. It is not
simply the promise of the
future victory of God over sin
and evil, but that this victory
has already begun – in the life
and teachings of Jesus” (U.S.
Bishops 1986)

Gerald Darring