The Mobile Clinic program is organized by Fr. Bong SJ who is responsible for the Jesuit Mission in Railaco and also this Mobile Clinic program. In addition to his pastoral duties, he also serves as a doctor for the Mobile Clinic with two of his assistants who are also supported by the St. Canice Parish in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia. The team of Fr. Bong are driven with compassion to bring health care to the people who are in need of treatment but because of their geographic location, are cut off from access to basic health care.

In most rural areas of Railaco, the quality and conditions of roads and lack of proper transportation requires the presence of Mobile Clinics especially for elderly patients, pregnant women, and children that are in need of continuous medical assistance. When they suffer with an illness, it is much more difficult for them to cross mountains and walk through rugged terrains to reach the nearest medical centre.

There are still many people in the area that need immediate medical care but because of their living conditions and sheer distance, they are finding it hard to get the care they need. Therefore, the medical team from the Clinic Nain Feto Virgem Maria decides to handle this matter through the Mobile Clinic program directly to the remote villages where access to health care is rather difficult.

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