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Helen Campbell

Name: Helen Campbell

Born: Lismore, NSW. Grew up on a dairy farm.

Lives: In Elizabeth Bay

Snapshot of daily life: I am at that wonderful time in my life when I can make my own routine and do the things I want to do!
Monday and Tuesday is my week-end (learning to swim on Mondays)
Wednesday and Thursday volunteering at Jarjum College, Redfern.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday I work as Assistant Pastoral Care Worker for the Sudanese community(specifically with the teenage girls).
Otherwise I might be out to lunch, at the movies, the theater, reading and lots more…

Part of Canices since: 1994

Where will we find you in the Parish? 8.30 Sunday mass. On Saturday roster for Canice’s Kitchen, Darlinghurst Primary on Wednesday mornings.

What keeps you coming to St Canices?
It is a place of prayer, a place that sustains my faith, a place where I meet a lot of wonderful people.