You are invited to join a group of locals who want to come together to practice a basic and universal form of meditation. Like physical yoga, we seem to practice meditation with more commitment when we are in a group rather than on our own.

Each free meditation session will start with a short reading to help us ‘tune in’ to what we are coming to do. Then there is a period of 30 – 40 minutes for meditation, where people bring their mind to stillness and openness. Repeating a simple, single word mantra is encouraged, but is not essential. The session starts and ends with a gentle bell sound.

Mediation Base Camp offers a starting point for people to connect with their own spirit. It is open to all, regardless of what faith or the beliefs you may have. It is a basic community gathering where there is respect for people’s individuality, personal space and silence.

Held on a Sunday evening, it is offers a valuable punctuation point as we move from one week to the next.

At St Canice’s church, 6pm Sundays
28 Roslyn Street, Elizabeth Bay.

Pilot program started on 7 October and running until 23 December 2018.
If successful it will recommence on 3 February 2019.