Congratulations to Michael Musgrave

Michael was the recipient this week of a Companion’s Medal at the Jesuit Province Gathering. A Companion’s Medal is awarded to “lay companions in ministry who have been faithful, loyal, and dedicated supporters of our Jesuit Province Mission”, through their “distinguished service, great generosity and for the fulfilment of responsibilities to a high degree and over an extended period”.

And Michael has certainly fulfilled these requirements!

Michael Musgrave has brought to St Canice’s parish in Sydney, and other Jesuit ministries, all the skills he acquired as a senior executive in American Express. A natural networker, he has attracted many people into the parish, and been liberal in his hospitality, notably to numerous Jesuit visitors to St Canice’s from around the world. Michael has given himself wholeheartedly to many Ignatian projects, seeing them through with his consultative, persuasive manner and experience.

These qualities have been evident in his leadership of and contribution to the Railaco project. Railaco is a mountain village in Timor-Leste for which about $800,000 has been raised that has assisted the local parish, helped both fund a feeding program providing crucial sustenance for children, and develop what has become a highly successful secondary school. Michael has never lost sight of the faces of those Timorese children, and he has just returned from another visit there.

St Canice parish has benefited substantially from his talent as well as his generosity. As our leading parish photographer, he has built-up excellent digital and historical resources as well as several influential websites. Liturgical events are a specialty of his, often with involvement from Jesuit and Ignatian schools and indigenous performers.

Riverview and Saint Aloysius College have benefited from his involvement, as has Jesuit Refugee Service. His many and diverse contributions to Railaco over the course of nearly 20 years on both sides, have required a close working relationship with Australian Jesuit Mission and the Jesuits of Timor-Leste.

Meanwhile Michael’s faith has deepened. He has absorbed the Ignatian spirit through contact and retreats. It informs his service to others. He walks with Jesus and has encourage many others to do so.

Fr Quyen Vu SJ


12th July 2022

Australian Provincial, Fr Quyen Vu SJ (fourth from the left), presenting the Companions Medal recipients (L to R): Neville Williams, Sr Kath Muirhead, Sr Annette Cunliffe, Dr Terry Horgan (in wheelchair), Jock Murray, Alan Baumgart, Suzanne Le Mire, Michael Musgrave.