Fr General commissioned on the situation of Christians in the Middle East from a group of Jesuits who know that scene well – not as an official Jesuit statement but as a spur to reflection.

Fr Nicolas writes:

It is written to be known and discussed in Jesuit communities, but also in institutions and works connected with the Society of Jesus (universities, colleges, periodicals, movements etc.). I hope that those discussions will help awareness and lead to the development of new projects. The text can be reproduced in periodicals or used for meetings.

It is written to be brought to the attention of all those who, in the Church and in civil society, wish to have an echo, coming from the Near East itself, of what is happening in that part of the world. The attached document has not been written to remain in a drawer but to be widely distributed and brought to the attention of all interested persons.

Fr General also welcomes responses to this document, which can be sent to Fr Antoine Kerhuel SJ at [email protected]

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MiddleEast Searching for the Word