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November 2020

Federal Member Dave Sharma MP inspired by Canice’s Kitchen

Our Federal Member, Dave Sharma MP, visited Canice's Kitchen this week. He was impressed by the Kitchen's sustainability and ability not only survive but to grow through COVID. Alongside a daily meal service, the Kitchen now provides additional support to its guests. In addition to regular visits from Orange Sky Laundry and Thread Together, we are providing weekly access to St Vincent’s Homeless Health, an employment and coaching service, as well as a community participation program which will offer guests the chance to work alongside qualified chefs to gain skills and confidence.

October 2020

Who is my brother?

The upcoming movie ‘Francesco’ comes at a time when Pope Francis exhorts us to read and embrace his latest encyclical, ‘Fratelli tutti’ that he signed standing at the tomb of Saint Francis of Assisi last week..

Fratelli tutti

At the core of ‘Fratelli tutti’ is Francis’s conviction that the world is fast losing its sense of the oneness of the human family. With the disappearance of the common good, dialogue, and solidarity as animating social ideas, humanity is fast sliding into the darkness of civil strife, conflict, tribalism, and nationalism.

August 2020

Magnificat Prayer – Feast of the Assumption

On the Feast Day of the Assumption we share a hymn to the Blessed Virgin Mary asking for her protection in this time of Covid-19 and that a vaccine may soon be found. Play the 2 mins video and join in the prayer of the Magnificat with us.

Welcome to E J Gerilla SJ, new parish priest of Railaco

I look on this relationship as an experience of a being part of a 'missionary church', a church in which we are sent. In many ways you have expressed that you are this 'missionary church' reaching out to a less privileged people, and especially to the Timorese. We are committed to making this relationship even more meaningful, and in return we like to share with you our prayers and those of the Timorese people.

June 2020

Railaco – Re-emerging from Covid-19

The first two minutes of this video will update you on how the Railaco Jesuit Mission is emerging from the Covid-19 lockdown and its ongoing needs. The remaining few minutes of the video gives you a good opportunity to ‘meet’ Fr Martin Bong SJ, a Filipino medical doctor and Jesuit priest, who has been ‘on mission’ in Railaco for nearly twenty years.

May 2020

Railaco mobile medical clinic

The mobile clinic was started in 2004 by the Jesuits in Timor-Leste with support from the benefactors and donors of St Canice's Parish in Sydney, Australia. Jesuit priest and doctor Fr Bong Abad Santos SJ and his team travel to different remote villages to attend to the sick and to preside over Masses.

Mass of Intercession in times of Covid-19

This special Mass for the Feast Day of Our Lady Help of Christians will be brought to you from the Lady Chapel of St Canice’s in Elizabeth Bay. The Lady Chapel has been at the heart of our church for generations. . . . and at this time of Covid-19 concerns, it seems to be the appropriate place to ask Our Lady to intercede, and care for us as a Mother . . . . The Special Liturgy will be available for you to join on YouTube by the end of the week.

Bonifacio’s First Vows – the fruit of our longstanding relationship with Railaco

Among the many good fruits cultivated by the two parishes is Jesuit scholastic, Bonifacio Bano Lay Ribeiro SJ. This 23-year-old Railaco parishioner has just taken his first vows as a Jesuit. Bonifacio first experienced the St Canice / Railaco relationship as a child benefitting from the Children’s Feeding Program, and also studied and graduated from the Railaco Jesuit Secondary School, NOSSEF.

April 2020


The humanitarian programs at the Railaco Jesuit Mission rely on donations from St Canice’s. Many of you have already stepped-up to the plate, but the need goes on to provide meals for the children and medicines for families, and locally trained teachers for the secondary school NOSSEF. I appreciate that your priority is your well-being and that of your family in these trying times of the current Covid-19 situation. However, if at all possible, I ask that you consider the ongoing financial necessities of the Railaco Mission.

Downloadable publication of Pope’s prayers and homilies now available

The Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See is making available a downloadable book entitled “Strong in the Face of Tribulation”, containing prayers, supplications and the Pope’s homilies as “a sure support in time of trial”. “A little help offered to all, so as to know how to discern and experience God’s closeness and tenderness in pain, in suffering, in solitude and in fear,” writes Andrea Tornielli, the editorial director of Vatican’s Dicastery for Communication, presenting Strong in the Face of Tribulation: The Church in Communion – a Sure Support in Time of Trial.