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33rd Sunday of the Year, World Day of the Poor, end of NAIDOC week, priestly ordination and mass of Thanksgiving for Eka Tanaya SJ, Confirmation of 3 children by our Bishop (with International Children's Day on Friday), 40th anniversary of Jesuit Refugee Service!


Preventing Exploitation of the Environoment he International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict calls to mind Pope Francis. The day itself is an initiative of the United Nations. But like Pope Francis when he speaks of threats to human life, to peace or to our environment, the day speaks strongly and makes connections that we may have missed. The naming of this day brings together war and the environment, two things that may seem to be unconnected. The Pope, too, would have gone on to link these different scourges to inequality, which feeds wars and junks the environment.


April 2020

Farming and Leadership in Railaco – ‘True Grit in Spades’

Some years ago, the Jesuits were offered ten hectares of land about seven kilometres from the school. In October of 2019, taking the initiative and drawing on his family background in agriculture, Br Apu was able to organise the ‘dormers’ (as they are affectionately known) to begin work on a farm. This would provide food not only for the ‘dormers’, but for the Railaco Jesuit community, and other students in the NOSSEF canteen.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.These palm branches at the front of St Canice's are the symbol of Christ’s triumphal entry into the hearts of believers and are a reminder of salvation.

March 2020

December 2019

Christmas Masses 2019

It's encouraging to see that it's possible to reach beyond our dedicated parish community and attract even more people from the surrounding area to come and celebrate Christmas at St Canice's.  The attendance at all four Masses over Christmas exceeded previous years.  We pray that we might refine our social media message to appeal to even more people to come to St Canice's at times other than Christmas and Easter.

Fr Brendan Byrne SJ – Advent

Advent is a season of waiting; the time when the Church longs for the coming of the Lord. In his homily, Fr Brendan explains that In this longing the Church looks in two directions, so to speak. Backward to the Lord’s first coming as a child born to Mary in Bethlehem. Forward to his second coming as Son of Man at the end of time.

November 2019

David’s Place gift to Railaco

When a ‘widows mite’ adds up to an incredible $4,500 donation for the boys dormitory at Nossef in Railaco, it’s time to celebrate. We heap loads of thanks on the wonderful community of David’s Place for this effort. Personal contributions ranging from only a matter of cents, to asking friends to support a good cause, and even creating paintings that were sold to raise additional monies.

What’s happening? A first report from Fr Paul Fyfe SJ – the new PP

The end of the Church year seems an appropriate occasion to report on how I see Christ's kingdom being furthered here at St Canice. While this deals with roughly my first 6 months, it is important to begin by acknowledging the achievements of this parish over the past 130 years, as well as the vital leadership and contributions given by others since I arrived: it's not a 'one-person show'.

St Canice’s visits JRS Westmead

‘People seeking asylum’ are desperate. They are simply falling through the cracks into a limbo as government continues to cut whatever benefits there once were. Despite this, many of these people show a remarkable resilience. They are encouraged to become leaders and form groups amongst themselves where they can help each other. One of the greatest things we can offer is to ‘journey’ with them.

World Day of the Poor

Fr Gaetan Perreira SJ encourages us in his homily "to take sides with the poor - a difficult challenge. A mission focus on a life of equality, justice, and community. It's in listening and learning from these people. To see the world from their view as victims, thus forcing me to take a stand for them.

Confirmation 2019

Bishop Terry Brady confirmed thirteen young people at St Canice’s this morning. In addressing the newly confirmed, Bishop Terry used the example of Australia’s next saint, Eileen O’Connor by dwelling on her example of holiness and saintliness that she demonstrated in the very short life. – (Eileen was the Founder of Our Lady’s Nurses of the Poor.)