‘Nona’ (Georgina Vera Lidia de Jesus Soares) graduated as a student of the Railaco secondary school NOSSEF in 2012. She progressed to the University of Timor-Leste, Faculty of Medicine & Health Science, Dept of Nursing and graduated in 2020.

Georgina is now employed back at the Railaco Jesuit Mission assisting Fr Bong in the Mobile Medical Clinic. In time, she will move to work in the larger Kasait Clinic run by Jesuit Social Services Timor-Leste.


Graduate Georgina Vera Lidia de Jesus Soares

Georgina is very grateful for having the opportunity to study on a NOSSEF student scholarship from Sr Rita, a Good Samaritan nun who spent many years teaching at NOSSEF. She’s also thankful for the tertiary scholarship to UNTL hosted jointly by Sr Rita and Jesuit Fr Quyen Vu. Georgina expresses the joy of achieving her ‘dream’ saying, “that health service be available for all, and for all to know how to live healthy lives.”

Scholarship recipients are encouraged to play an active role in the Railaco parish. Georgina is a wonderful example of this. She is an acolyte/mass server and a leader of a group of acolytes. She has also played an active role as a member of the choir. In last year’s Diocesan wide choral competition (1st time joiners), Georgina not only assisted in the training of the choir but was principal conductor.  They won first place!

Georgina ‘Nona’ was born in 1995 and is the only child of an Indonesian father and a Timorese mother, who is a cleaner at a government clinic in Railaco.

Education is a particular Ignatian ingredient. Our Ignatian heart urges us to always reflect and remain mindful of the reasons and basis for our St Canice’s sister parish involvement with Railaco Jesuit Mission. Education affords people of a rural upbringing an ability to shape the direction of their own lives, their families and the communities in which they live, and even their nation.

‘Nona’ assists in dispensing medicines from the Pharmacy in the back of the 4WD on the mobile medical clinic