Parish Pastoral Councils are one of the structures which were strongly recommended by the Bishops of the Second Vatican Council. The purpose of the councils was seen as furthering the work of the Church by fostering the spiritual growth of parishioners and leading them to respond actively to their universal call to mission.


The Mission of the Church


The concept of the MIssion of the Church is one that is both profound and very simple. The challenge is to describe the mission of the Church in a way that is encouraging and easily related to the ordinariness of day-to-day living.


The mission of the Church, the People of God, can be understood as the continuation of the work of Jesus, which will proceed until God’s values of love, justice, and peace reign in the hearts and lives of the people of all nations.


Four of the basic elements of the Church’s mission may be described as:

  • proclaiming the good news of God’s love throughout the world.
  • inviting more and more people into the community of disciples
  • sanctifying by encouraging the whole community of faith to grow in holiness
  • transforming the world until justice, love and peace prevail.

This site is still under construction.  St Canice’s has a Parish Pastoral Council and more will be added shortly. We appreciate your patience.