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Peter Dodds

Name:  Peter Dodds

Born:  1949 North East England, near Durham City

Live: Elizabeth Bay

Snapshot of daily life:  Am now working part-time at the Kings Cross Community Centre assisting with general clerical duties and being part of the team that assists clients in various social support functions. Enjoy listening to music, walking. Taking time to enjoy the simple things.

Part of St. Canice’s since:   Started around mid 1980’s but became more involved over the last 10 or so years.

Where will we find you in the Parish:  Attend Sunday 10.30 mass. Often help with greeting (feel free to say hello!), and the collections, tidying up after mass.  Enthusiastic singer of hymns. Take Communion to residents in a local Aged Care home.

What keeps you coming to St. Canice:  It’s my local church… a 10 minute walk… but that pragmatic aspect aside, I love the sense of community here, the variety of the visiting Jesuit priests, the variety of the parishioners, the outreach work (local and overseas) we support, the musical aspects and a true sense of belonging, of being an integral part of our small corner of the world and the wider church.