Our sister parish relationship in Railaco East Timor

Catholics value taking care of each other as one family. Our values instruct us to put the needs of others before our own. Like the good Samaritan, who interrupted his journey to help a stranger, we reach beyond our own “domestic church” here in Kings Cross to join with our near neighbours of the Railaco Jesuit community in East Timor. And by doing so, we acknowledge that the Gospel of Jesus is truly a social gospel.

Our Timorese neighbours still live in a time of radical community change and cultural disruption. The parents and grandparents of our Railaco community grew up under the yoke of their oppressors and fought for their independence. Twenty years on, the next generation we see in Railaco enjoy the nutritional benefits of our feeding program, can see a doctor, and their older children receive a good education at our parish secondary school Nossef.

As we enter the next twenty years sharing in the lives of our Railaco neighbours, we’ll see goals set anew to ensure that food security initiatives are in place and students don’t simply pass national exams but graduate with good Catholic formation, an inner confidence, and with the cultural knowledge of their parents to face a rapidly changing secular landscape in their still developing world.

Michael Musgrave
18th September 2023

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