Serve at St Canice’s – Help us to create an irresistible environment

Each week people just like you give their time to serve – and we call them ministers. Whether it’s greeting guests, pitching in behind the scenes, or helping kids learn about God on their level, every volunteer minister is making a difference in our church.

Our Hospitality Teams welcome guests as soon as they arrive at Mass, hand them a hymn book and Weekly Bulletin, or help serve coffee and refreshments. You can help our church be a welcoming environment for our guests.

Invite a Friend – You never know the impact one invitation can have

Invite a Friend to Church

Telling your friends about church can be intimidating. The easiest way to spread the word is to “invest and invite” — that simply means invest in the relationships you have, and, when the time comes, invite them to join at a special event or at a Sunday Mass here at St Canice’s!

Invite a Friend to Join us Online

Inviting a friend to check-out our Facebook or parish webpage can be a great way to have them test the waters and see if our church would be a good fit for them.

The power of ‘Like’ on Facebook

Your ‘like’ on a post that resonates with you on the St Canice Facebook page can be likened to a seed that you are planting, or a flicker of a flame that you may ignite in a lapsed Catholic family member or friend.

Your ‘like’ can be viewed as your call to Mission. Very simply, through your example others may see the light.