Visits to those in need:

We regularly visit those in need in the local boarding houses, hotels and homeless rehab unit. While we haven’t made much comment on it in the bulletin, the work constantly goes on, and more volunteers (no matter how occasional) would be a great help to our Conference and to those we visit. We visit in pairs and give food vouchers, arrange furniture, white goods and clothing if necessary, and lend a sympathetic and non-judgemental ear! We generally have two to three visits a week, recently mostly to single isolated women.

If you are interested in being involved in any of these activities, please contact the Conference Secretary, Mick McIntyre, on 0414853650.


Parish Garage Sale

And don’t forget to visit the parish garage sale. Bill has been doing wonderful work there, and you can always get a bargain which also benefits our church. If you would like to volunteer in the garage on a Sunday, please contact Fr Chris, Elizabeth or Lynelle at the Parish Office.

God bless and thanks so much for your ongoing support. St Canice’s Vinnies Conference.