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Name: Sue Wittenoom

Born: (and raised) in Perth

Lives: In Redfern with husband Mark and daughters Andie (17) and Jules(13) both at Loreto Kirribilli

Snapshot of daily life: I’m an architect now working in strategic planning and organisational change – follow me on twitter @swittenoom to keep track of how space can support new ways of working and learning.

Part of Canices since: We moved into a flat in Evans Road in 1988. When we moved, and the girls went to St Francis Primary in Paddington, I realised how much I liked the less-uptight/under-the-radar quality of life at Canices and we stayed on in the parish.

Where will we find you in the Parish? In the kitchen with a great group of friends (the first Saturday of the first month roster slot) for something like 20 years now, and a lector at 6.30pm Saturday mass. Part of the Inclusiveness Working Group for the Parish Renewal.

What keeps you coming to St Canices? Started out as extended family for the girls, now realise its actually extended family for me. I love the altar in the middle of the church – a witness to the powerful changes triggered by Vatican II as well as proof that space shapes behaviour! The Way of the Cross on Good Friday is the most extraordinary ritual grounding our faith in our community. And my most cherished moment in the year is listening to Genesis by candle light at the Saturday Easter vigil.
October 2012