Railaco mobile medical clinic

The mobile clinic was started in 2004 by the Jesuits in Timor-Leste with support from the benefactors and donors of St Canice's Parish in Sydney, Australia. Jesuit priest and doctor Fr Bong Abad Santos SJ and his team travel to different remote villages to attend to the sick and to preside over Masses.

Bonifacio’s First Vows – the fruit of our longstanding relationship with Railaco

Among the many good fruits cultivated by the two parishes is Jesuit scholastic, Bonifacio Bano Lay Ribeiro SJ. This 23-year-old Railaco parishioner has just taken his first vows as a Jesuit. Bonifacio first experienced the St Canice / Railaco relationship as a child benefitting from the Children’s Feeding Program, and also studied and graduated from the Railaco Jesuit Secondary School, NOSSEF.

Letter from Railaco – Fr Roberto Boholst SJ 15 April 2016

Looking Back with Gratitude: Complicated Twists and Surprising Turns in Railaco Mission Roberto Boholst SJ Friday April 15, 2016 I was all set to bring my last box to Railaco when we received the letter of the Bishop who decided to entrust the management of the school to the lay teachers. I was very upset