Bishop Terry Brady confirmed thirteen young people at St Canice’s this morning.

Bishop Terry Brady confirms 13 candidates

In addressing the newly confirmed, Bishop Terry used the example of Australia’s next saint, Eileen O’Connor by dwelling on her example of holiness and saintliness that she demonstrated in the very short life. – (Eileen was the Founder of Our Lady’s Nurses of the Poor.)

Bishop Terry stressed, “holiness is not always about being popular. It begins with a scripture-based personal relationship with Jesus. It requires courage.”

He noted how the very fragile young Eileen showed remarkable courage in her life particularly in reaching out to the poor and abandoned of this world”. “This was in the spirit of Jesus” he said.

We are encouraged in our own life to be familiar with the Scriptures; to try to develop a personal relationship with Jesus; and to stand up for the poor and the unnoticed and the marginalized. This is at the heart of Confirmation in the Christian faith.

The path to Canonisation
Eileen O’Connor, known as ‘Little Mother’ by the members of the congregation she founded, has long been considered by many to be a ‘saint-in-waiting’. And now, her holiness and virtue have been recognised by the Holy See and the cause for her canonisation opened by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints.