Canice’s Kitchen is at the heart of St Canice’s parish.

“In our gentle way we’re living the gospels, spreading the gospel.
This is ‘humanness’ that we’re trying to spread and share.”


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21 June 2020 – So grateful to our incredible volunteers who have made this possible during Covid-19 

Philosophy of St Canice’s Community:

The heart of our work at St. Canice’s is to reach out to one another without judgment, without condemnation.  Every person is of absolute value and dignity.  Not to reach out to the most rejected, the most despised, the most condemned would strike at the heart of our community and we would wither.

The health and vitality of our community at St. Canice’s is directly in proportion to the degree that we reach out to those who are on the outside.  We cannot allow the community to die by shutting out the one who seeks refuge with us, who seeks companionship, who seeks food, hospitality, conversation.

The crew of typical smiling volunteers prepare lunch

The crew of typical smiling volunteers prepare lunch

Christmas Celebration at Canice Kitchen

Christmas Celebration at Canice Kitchen


Canice’s Kitchen is a place where:

  • Everyone is welcome
  • Everyone is treated equally
  • Drugs and Alcohol are not allowed
  • You can have some peace and quiet
  • You can ask questions about Jesus
  • No one is allowed to be abusive or abused
  • We want to get to know you and care about what you have to say
The Governor General visits Canice Kitchen and speaks with the guests

The Governor General visits Canice Kitchen and speaks with the guests


Volunteers – Canice’s Kitchen

Canice’s Kitchen is a gathering place for street people. They are the heartbeat of our parish.

We operate on the values of inclusivity, kindness and understanding and we welcome everyone through our doors. More than just cooking, we are about conversation. Bringing our community together to creation a hub of inclusion, support and safety.

We serve home cooked nutritious meals seven days a week for lunch. We are closed over the Christmas period and during Easter as well. A typical shift starts around 8.30am and concludes at 1.30pm. Volunteers are responsible for the preparation and serving of food and drinks and clean up at the end of the shift.

Team Leaders support our Volunteers in preparing and serving home cooked nutritious meals for upwards of 150 guests.We know our Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation and we value their tireless efforts in ensuring every is greeted with a smile and something wonderful to eat.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, complete the adjacent form and we’ll be in touch as new opportunities become available.

We are currently only offering DAYTIME shifts

**There is a waitlist for shifts and all Volunteers must be over the age of 18 years**

If you are interested in the volunteering in our kitchen please click here.


Wednesday evenings

The kitchen is also open every Wednesday night from 7pm until 8pm for the Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen. For more information on IOOSK please click here to open link to Facebook page.



We ‘Salute’ our volunteers in this video:

We are proud of the countless volunteers who give so generously of their time and selves to keep our doors open and put meals on the table.


There is a new webpage for St Canice’s Kitchen.