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Originally from Goa, India, Dwayne was born and raised in a religious catholic family and was educated by the Jesuits in Mumbai. His wife Rebecca, a native of Borneo, Malaysia was also born into a catholic family. They met whilst they were studying overseas at the university chaplaincy St William’s Church, Reading, UK. Together they have two beautiful children – Danica and Raphael.

Dwayne thought of making his way to Sydney from Malaysia as he believes that there is more religious freedom and better opportunities for his children. Dwayne is a qualified Architect with project management skills. He has been fortunate to find a work with a prestigious retail chain. He hopes that his wife who is currently a plant science lecturer at a university in Malaysia will join him here soon.

Dwayne has moved into the beautiful Rushcutters Bay and was introduced to St Canice’s by one of his work colleagues and has been a regular parishioner ever since. He thoroughly enjoys attending the Sunday morning mass and the get-togethers afterwards. He is the friendly sort and would be happy to pick up a conversation with you.